Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We cooked out tonight. Well, at least the hot dogs. I made a cold potato salad with Parmesan vinaigrette peppers and garlic and herb mozzarella cheese cubes (Kraft 100 calorie packs). I wanted to put olives in there, but I guess I used all of them. I did dice some red peppers and threw in some fresh thyme. I wish I thought of that earlier and roasted them, but it was still really good. I don't care much for mayo salads so this was my thing. We also had corn on the cob with dill butter. I wanted to make a straw/blue/blackberry cobbler. Oh well, maybe tomorrow!

Monday, May 17, 2010

This weekend I was fortunate enough to host another house party. If you are unfamiliar with them, you should check it out. You apply by filling out a little questionnaire and if chosen you get a promo pack of free stuff. I hosted a Martha Stewart part last fall and got craft punches, glitter and card and cupcake box making supplies. This past one was from Kraft. I got pizza, cold cuts, crackers, cheese, kool-aid and mac n' cheese. It was so fun, and let me tell you, the Homestyle Mac n' Cheese is AWESOME! It tastes like homemade. You do have to add butter and a flavor packet, which I suspect is flour and make a roux. The you add milk and cheese sauce. So good! I had some neighbors over and we let the kids do water games while the adults had time to socialize. It was a blast. Thanks, Kraft!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Oh how I love strawberries. I made strawberry cake, which can be found on Martha Stewart's website. It's in the strawberry recipes grouping. I also made some strawberry jam from the site of Smith's Nursery where I picked them.

My garden

My wonderful husband built me a new garden box this year (above). I planted the small one in early or mid- April. I planted the big, new one on my birthday, April 28. What a great birthday present. I will post pics every month at the end of the month on my progress. I harvested a head of lettuce this week.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Avocados, Tomatoes and Bacon Oh My!

I got a really good deal on tomatoes on the vine and avocados this week so they have been a staple in many meals. I had leftover over mahi which I put on a taco shell with avocado, tomato, bacon and leftover mango-pepper-cilantro-lime salsa. Yum! I made salads topped with this stuff (sans mango) alongside bbq chicken breast sandwiches topped with bacon =). My hubby now loves avocados. Yes!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Raving Rabbids cake

I can't believe I forgot to post this. Cake #1. I got this pan from wallyworld after Easter for $1.50 and just knew exactly what I would do with it. Given my son's obsession with these crazy rabbids, I made him a cake. I decorated it my Wilton class. Lesson #1: I hate box cake, but it looked cute!


In my house I make baked ziti with homemade sauce and organic whole milk ricotta, kids don't eat. However, we all love salmon and I think this is the best recipe I have made with that o-so-healthy fish. I grilled most of the meal. I like to boil cubed potatoes for 5 minutes or so, then throw them in a foil packet with butter, fresh rosemary, sea salt and garlic powder and cook them until they are slightly charred. Yum! I put the salmon on a throwaway baking sheet, sprinkled it with a McCormack's seasoning something to the tune of lemon garlic? Anyway, it's by the Montreal seasoning. I grilled it for about, and I use that loosely, 15 mins. I topped it off with Greek yogurt mixed with fresh dill, a sprinkle of lemon juice and garlic powder. I nuked some frozen veggies on the side, too. It was great being able to use the herbs from my garden. I can't wait to use the vegetables now!